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Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can occur in anyone of any age. Defibrillation is a proven treatment method for those who suffer from SCA. This device delivers an electrical shock to the heart, allowing it to resume beating regularly. Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) should be located in most public buildings and fitness centres for members use in case of a cardiac emergency. In addition to potentially saving a life, provinces across Canada have begun to pass legislation that protects against any liability when using an AED so long as it is used for the purpose of assisting a victim in cardiac distress.

A rack of dumbbells in a gym with a woman lifting weights in front

By their very nature, fitness centres have a high risk of experiencing an incident of cardiac arrest due to the strenuous activity and high intensity exercise patrons may participate in while present. This exponentially increases the chance for cardiac arrest due to the strain put on the body, regardless of age, gender, and fitness type. So, why wouldn’t you equip your fitness centre or gym with an AED?

Why you need an AED In Your Fitness Centre

When a patient experiences sudden cardiac arrest, the heart has stopped beating normally and is no longer supplying the body with oxygenated blood. Without immediate treatment, brain damage and death occur within minutes. 

The AED is designed for non-medical personnel to use and is capable of analyzing the rhythm of an individual's heart and delivering a jolt of electricity to restart it if needed. Even with little or no training, AEDs can be very beneficial in stopping sudden cardiac arrest before it causes irreversible damage or proves fatal. Listed below are more reasons why you need an AED in your fitness centre:

  1. Sudden cardiac arrest is more common than you think;
  2. AEDs are shown to improve survival odds;
  3. Liability protection; and
  4. AEDs may soon be mandatory.

It's your greatest responsibility as a fitness facility owner to make sure you're keeping your community as safe as possible. This includes preparing for events like sudden cardiac arrest, where every second is crucial. Protect your fitness family today by purchasing the AED Advantage Fitness Centre Kit

Buy An AED For Your Gym Or Fitness Centre

When you first started your gym or fitness centre, you must have thought about the safety of your members. After all, they are putting their life in your hands. It is not just your responsibility to keep them fit – it is also your responsibility to keep them safe. 

This is why you should consider investing in an AED device for use by you, your staff, and your patrons should a sudden cardiac arrest occur. AEDs are proven to be effective in restarting the heart after a malfunction and maximising the chance of survival. AED Advantage provides top of the line automated defibrillators for sale, as well as maintenance programs and replacement parts. With knowledgeable staff and extraordinary customer service, there should be no reason to think twice about buying an AED for your fitness centre.

Should Gyms Have AEDs?

Having access to emergency defibrillators (AEDs) should no longer be an option; it should be a necessity. However, having access to these life-saving devices also requires that they be properly equipped and regularly maintained. 

AED Advantage was created by passionate professionals who firmly believe in the value of providing the best possible equipment for use in the public arena. Our AED testing and maintenance programs are designed to meet all safety guidelines and regulations.  

Take it upon yourself to help educate your patrons, employees and co-workers about AEDs, how they work, and what to do if someone collapses from sudden cardiac arrest in your gym or fitness centre.