Celebrating a Heartfelt Victory: Riverhurst Volunteer Fire Department Wins AED Advantage Heart Health Month Giveaway

A group of firefighters in red uniforms working with a contraption.

We are thrilled to announce Riverhurst Volunteer Fire Department as the winner of AED Advantage’s Heart Health Month AED giveaway. With a commitment to safeguarding their community, this group of selfless volunteers contributes toward making Canada a safer place, one life at a time. 

Fire Chief Bo Langer of the Riverhurst Volunteer Fire Department expressed heartfelt gratitude, saying, “On behalf of Riverhurst Volunteer Fire Department and First Responders, we thank you so much for choosing us to receive a new CR2. Rural Saskatchewan emergency services are often located a significant distance from our small communities, and having local volunteer first responders is vital in assuring urgent care is met in a timely manner.”

He continued to emphasize the importance of equipping volunteers with the best life saving tools available, stating, “The addition of new equipment, like the CR2, gives our volunteers confidence in their ability to deliver critical and crucial medical care to our community members.”

Over the last two years, the Riverhurst team of first responders has grown into a group of six competent, dedicated, and well-trained volunteers. Chief Langer expressed immense pride in their care, compassion, and commitment to the community’s health and well-being. “As our team grows, we strive to equip them - AED Advantage has chosen a well-deserving group to award the CR2 device to.” 

The new LIFEPAK CR2 defibrillator, courtesy of AED Advantage, will undoubtedly enhance the Riverhurst Volunteer Fire Department’s capabilities, providing them with a powerful tool to aid in their next call. This giveaway represents more than just a prize; it symbolizes AED Advantage’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding Canadian communities by empowering those who selflessly dedicate their time and effort to respond to emergencies in our communities. 

We extend our warmest congratulations to the Riverhurst Volunteer Fire Department on this well-deserved victory. We also thank our loyal customers for making this giveaway possible. AED Advantage is proud to contribute to the enhancement of emergency services and the safety of communities across Canada. Stay tuned for more stories on community impact and heart health advocacy as AED Advantage continues its mission to protect Canadian communities from sudden cardiac arrest

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