Do I Have To Be Trained To Use An AED?

Do I Have To Be Trained To Use An AED?

The purpose of this article is to address the question "can anyone use an AED or do they need training?" An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a specialized device that can be used to rapidly administer an electric shock to someone in cardiac arrest. It is designed to be portable, and simple to operate. Anyone can use an AED, and while no training is required there are still some often asked questions when it comes to using this innovative technology. 

1. Is Using An AED Difficult?

The answer is no! It is actually quite straightforward to use an AED. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the screen, which will guide you through each step of using the device. Many devices now also have audio prompts to guide you through its use, from placing the pads to delivering the shocks. This ensures that even someone without formal training can give life saving care in the event of a medical emergency. 

2. What Happens If You Accidentally Use An AED On Someone That Doesn’t Need It?

If you accidentally use an AED on someone who doesn’t need it, nothing happens! The device will not administer any shock if it detects that the person has a normal heart rhythm. The device is programmed to check the victim for ventricular fibrillation and will not work unless this, or another abnormality is present in the victim. 

The only thing that will happen if you accidentally use an AED on someone who doesn’t need it is that the machine will tell you that there is no shockable rhythm present.

3. Can I Get In Trouble For Using An AED?

Providers of first aid and automated external defibrillators are generally free from liability in most countries by Good Samaritan laws provided the AED was used in good faith with the intention of helping someone in distress. So, it is better to try and use an AED to save someone’s life than be worried about what the consequences might be. 

The Life Saving Takeaway

The AED is a portable device that can be used to save a life during a cardiac event. Anyone, including someone with no medical training or prior experience, may use the device in case of an emergency. As an increasing number of public places and facilities adopt AEDs, it is becoming easier for people to access this life-saving technology and assist others.

The key thing is not to be afraid to use it when needed - and now that you know more about AEDs and their life saving capabilities, your next step should be to make sure you have one in your home and/or business. For more information on purchasing an AED check out the AED Advantage website, as the leading provider of AEDs in North America they make owning and maintaining an AED easier than ever. 

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