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Your AED is one of the most important safety tools in your facility. In a cardiac emergency, it could help save a life. Although not everyone can be saved from sudden cardiac arrest, studies show that early defibrillation can dramatically improve survival rates. As equipment matures, it is important to evaluate your AEDs to determine if it is time for a replacement.

Here are a few questions that will help determine if it is time to upgrade:

1. Has the warranty expired?

The maximum warranty of any AED on the market is 8 years.

2. What year was it manufactured?

Your AED has been turning on and performing internal daily checks since it was manufactured to ensure it is rescue ready in case of an emergency.

3. Has the device ever been used?

Even if the device has never been used, internal components can break down over time just like with any electronic device.

4. When will your pads or batteries expire again?

To save a life, you want your device to be in the best condition. Older AEDs can have extremely high maintenance costs, so instead of paying for new accessories the next time they expire, consider putting that money towards a new AED with the latest technology. Accessories for newer models typically last longer than accessories for older AEDs as well.

5. Is trading in my device simple?

YES! We will provide a trade in credit of up to a $300 toward the purchase of a new device AND cover the cost of shipping for the new device. We will also include a complimentary return shipping label with your new AED so that you can send your old device back to us!

Our AED experts can help you answer all of these questions.


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Maple leaf from the flag of Canada

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