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TrueCPR helps your team optimize their manual CPR performance with the real-time feedback they need on the most critical resuscitation parameters. The TrueCPR coaching device can be used in conjunction with any brand defibrillator to measure actual chest compression depth. And, unlike accelerometer-based products which overestimate chest compression depth on compliant surfaces, 1,2,3 TrueCPR delivers accurate CPR depth measurement through our proprietary Triaxial Field Induction (TFI) technology.


  • Low Cost of Ownership - There are no disposable electrodes or accessories to replace
  • Portable and attaches easily to straps or other devices
  • Just slide the back pad behind patient and position the chest pad
  • Highly visible dial displays real-time feedback
  • Quickly download data via USB for post-event review
  • Water resistant and easy to clean
  • Small footprint provides simple storage
  • Runs for up to 180 minutes on DuracellĀ® batteries

What's included?

  • TrueCPR Coaching Device

Looking for an upgrade?

Trade in your existing AED and get up to $300 off a new AED purchase. Always keep your AED's up to date and rescue ready in case of emergency.

Maple leaf from the flag of Canada

AED Advantage is Proudly Canadian

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