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HeartSine samaritan Pediatric Pad-Pak

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HeartSine has a deep commitment to service, education and research. The wide range of HeartSine AEDs are providing early defibrillation and the highest probability of survival when used in the midst of a cardiac emergency.

Pediatric Pad-Pak for the HeartSine Samaritan 300P, 350P, 360P or 500P AEDs makes AED maintenance simple and efficient. No need to visit or call a service technician to change batteries or electrodes. Pad-Pak is simply replaced with a new one every four years, so you're never left with an out-of-date, unserviceable unit. The Pediatric Pad-Pak is for use on patients younger than eight years of age and weighing less than 25 kg/55 lbs.

The PAD-PAK-02 works with:

  • PAD 300
  • PAD 350
  • PAD 360
  • PAD 500


  • 4 year lifespan

What's included?

  • 1 set of Pads
  • 1 Battery

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Trade in your existing AED and get up to $300 off a new AED purchase. Always keep your AED's up to date and rescue ready in case of emergency.

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