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The Evacuation Chair gives you the power to evacuate disabled or injured persons weighing up to 500 pounds, from multilevel facilities in emergency situations. Emergency situations are often a surprise, build confidence and peace of mind knowing that you are prepared.

The Stryker Evac Chair is ideal for office, retail, manufacturing, medical and long-term care facilities.


  • Foldaway foot support provides additional passenger security and stability.
  • Contoured seat for comfort.
  • Foot end lift handles extend for ergonomic lifting.
  • Head end lift handles extend for upright lifting posture.
  • Folds and stores in a small space.
  • Patented Stair-TREAD system controls descent in proportion to the passenger’s weight, which assists in an easy descent down stairs by a single operator.
  • Several options, including foot rest, aggressive track, O2 bottle holder, cabinet and cover.
  • Wheels provide maneuverability in narrow passageways.
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What's included?

  • Stryker Evacuation Chair
  • Evac Chair Cover
  • Wall Mount
  • 15-year warranty

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Looking for an upgrade?

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Maple leaf from the flag of Canada

AED Advantage is Proudly Canadian

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