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Community Centres & Governments

It is our duty as members of a community to keep eachother safe. That is why we created the AED Advantage Community Kit. Protect your neighbors and fellow community members by ensuring that an AED is available if someone goes into cardiac arrest.

AED Advantage is trusted by Community Centres and Governments like yours.

The Community & Government Kit

Ensure your community is protected with the EMS trusted LifePak CR Plus.

What's Included:

  • LifePak CR Plus AED - Fully with 8-Year Warranty
  • White Standard Alarmed AED Cabinet
  • AED 2-Way. 90 Degree Wall Sign
  • Two Sets of 2 year Adult Electrode Pads 
  • 2 year CHARGE-PAK Battery Installed into AED
  • Ambu® Brand AED Rescue Kit
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Community & Government Kit

$1,895.00 CAD

1 option available

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