Why Your Construction Company Needs An AED

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The Importance Of Construction Safety

As a construction company owner, you need to make sure that your employees are safe and protected at all times. While it may be difficult to monitor every aspect of their safety, one thing you can do is ensure that they have access to an automated external defibrillator (AED).

AEDs are portable devices that can be used by anyone with minimal training. They are often carried by first responders but can also be found in offices, schools and other public places. AEDs are used to treat people who experience sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

When someone experiences SCA, their heart stops beating and they lose consciousness due to a lack of oxygen in the brain. This condition can happen suddenly, without warning and without any symptoms leading up to it.

How Construction Workers Benefit From Having AEDs

Construction sites are high-risk environments. Construction workers are exposed to many hazards daily, including falls, electrocution, and exposure to hazardous materials. Additionally, construction workers have a significantly higher rate of heart disease than the general population.


As mentioned above, construction workers are at a higher risk for injury than any other occupation. However, this does not mean that construction companies should ignore safety measures and hope for the best. Instead, companies should invest in safer equipment and training programs that will protect their employees from harm. One way to do this is by having AEDs on hand at all times.

More and more construction sites are outfitting their workers with AEDs, and for good reason. Considering the risks of a construction site, an AED comes with many benefits - including:

  • Quicker response time for emergency care;

  • Fewer mortalities;

  • Lightweight, portable, easy to use; and 

  • Lower insurance costs (which is always a plus). 

In addition to being life saving devices, AEDs are also extremely easy-to-use — anyone can administer them without any prior training or experience required! They're also lightweight enough that they can be carried around easily by one person, so there's no excuse not to bring them along on site visits or job sites!

AEDs Save Lives!

AEDs are the only medical devices that can be used by anyone with limited training. They have been proven to save lives, especially in instances where there is no one on scene who is trained to perform CPR or other advanced life support. In fact, studies have shown that every minute without CPR or defibrillation results in a 10% increase in mortality rate. Every minute counts when someone goes into sudden cardiac arrest.

Make Sure Your Employees Are Protected - Get An AED Today!

If you own a construction company and you don't have an AED, you could be putting your employees at risk. You'll also be risking your business's reputation by not having an emergency response plan in place in case something goes wrong on the job site.

AEDs are easy to use and can help save lives - so make sure that every member of your team is protected with one today! Shop for the latest AED models at AED Advantage!

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